• Jailen K

The Small Things

Can we just take a second to acknowledge how easy it is for us moms to slip into mombie mode? We always put our family's needs before our own and end up operating on autopilot. Yes we've got the messy bun getting things done thing down, but on the occasion when when you're just plain burnt out, you'll look up and find that you've let yourself go!!!

Now I don't mean in the traditional sense that you've gained weight or you stopped doing your hair. No, I mean you've let your goals fall to the side, you start snapping at your kids because you're so tired and your patience is wearing so thin, even you can see through it. Then that starts this downward spiral of beating yourself up and wondering how you even got to here. Trust me I know from experience how this can affect everything from your head to your heart space.

So how do we break the cycle? We've got to start being intentional about ourselves and everything we want. Now I of all people know exactly how hard that can be. Once you get into a groove of doing something for yourself, "life" always seems to happen and you revert back to your old ways and a few weeks or maybe months, the burnout starts to happen all over again. Now I'm no expert, but I can speak from experience on the things that have helped me break the cycle.

1. Start your day with a morning routine just for you. Emphasis on the just for you. For me I journal, pray, write down one goal for the day. And YES, the goal is something just for myself! I've been doing this about 30 days now and let me tell you, my mood and mind is on point to accomplish everything I have to for that day. I speak kinder to my kids, have less road rage, and I'm more intentional about my own goals.

2. Do one thing for yourself. Now I'll be honest, this kind of goes against everything in me being a mom because it's not my instinct to put myself before my kids. BUT, it doesn't have to be anything big, extravagant, or that costs money. For me I jam out to some gangster rap in my car and rap every lyric and getting myself done up on the weekend. I wear a uniform all week at work and putting my jewelry and makeup on on a Saturday morning makes me feel good. Scratch that, it makes me feel beautiful.

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